There are a number of common challenges that prevent effective and timely quality assurance on development, humanitarian and infrastructure projects. Limited technical capacity, a lack of coordination and information sharing, remoteness and limited accessibility, and budget constraints are common challenges by individuals, organizations, companies, and governments worldwide.

FieldSight is a flexible platform to enable quality assurance and project monitoring by providing key insights throughout the lifecycle of a project. Developed originally during the post-disaster reconstruction in Nepal, the platform provides a range of unique features that provide more complete and targeted information to help project stakeholders ranging from field supervisors to senior managers.

Digital tools have proliferated in the public sector as organizations and governments find new ways to use data in management and planning. Mobile data collection tools, in particular, are an increasingly common tool across a range of sectors. Many tools exhibit common features, such as custom forms, the ability to work offline, data export, and visualization. With a range of platforms and custom-built options available to actors, choosing the one that is right for an individual project or organization can be a difficult task.

FieldSight is unique in providing tools to manage data collection, quality, assurance, and monitoring across multiple, distributed sites and throughout a multiple stage process.

  • Project and site organization, differentiated user roles, and the ability to assign custom forms to each stage of a project ensure the platform can meet the needs of a project from beginning to end.

  • Custom exports, multi-level dashboards, and an emphasis on the use of geo-locations helps view and analyze data in ways that are easily accessible.

  • The ability to assess submissions, send comments to the field, and provide tailored educational materials facilitates an ongoing conversation between offices and the field.

FieldSight is not the right platform for every project, but for organizations looking to monitor multi-stage processes across multiple individual sites, it is a ready-to-use and effective tool.

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FieldSight is a Humanitarian digital platform for project monitoring and infrastructure quality assurance. Developed iteratively over 2 years, the platform now monitors more than 60,000 houses, WASH sites, schools, police stations, and other infrastructure. Built to work on mobile devices and in remote and difficult-to-access locations, FieldSight creates actionable data and interfaces that help partners deliver higher-quality, lower-risk projects.