FieldSight envisions a world where infrastructure, humanitarian, and public sector projects are reliable, high quality, responsive to local contexts, and adaptable to changing conditions. In turn, these projects enable faster and more equitable development, more efficient allocation of resources, and resilience in the face of uncertainty and change.


FieldSight creates products that support and strengthen the work of public sector organizations—including local and national governments, multilateral organizations, and humanitarian and development agencies—to promote development, foster justice and equality, increase transparency and accountability, reduce risk, and build resilience. To do this, we build tools that:
  • Help our partners capture and analyze high-quality data;
  • Support evidence-based decision-making through real-time analysis and review;
  • Are ready-to-use and able to integrate into the day-to-day work of users;
  • Share data and tasks with the full suite of users and stakeholders; and

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FieldSight is a Humanitarian digital platform for project monitoring and infrastructure quality assurance. Developed iteratively over 2 years, the platform now monitors more than 60,000 houses, WASH sites, schools, police stations, and other infrastructure. Built to work on mobile devices and in remote and difficult-to-access locations, FieldSight creates actionable data and interfaces that help partners deliver higher-quality, lower-risk projects.