FieldSight is the first digital platform built for infrastructure and project monitoring in the humanitarian, development, and public sectors. Powered by UNOPS, we are focused on implementation and are leaders in improving quality assurance, often in the most challenging environments. Our extensive experience in this space has helped us to develop a platform with a range of unique features that help our partners ensure better monitoring, supervision, and quality assurance.
FieldSight can be used across a range of project types to improve quality, ensure better delivery of public services, and improve people’s lives. So far, we have conducted pilots and projects in 14 countries, affecting more than 60,000 individual sites and more than 250,000 people.


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FieldSight (1st Floor), Oasis Complex

Patan Dhoka-Madan Smarak Road

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FieldSight is a Humanitarian digital platform for project monitoring and infrastructure quality assurance. Developed iteratively over 2 years, the platform now monitors more than 60,000 houses, WASH sites, schools, police stations, and other infrastructure. Built to work on mobile devices and in remote and difficult-to-access locations, FieldSight creates actionable data and interfaces that help partners deliver higher-quality, lower-risk projects.