Providing universal access to clean, affordable, and efficient green energy is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Using renewable energy solutions and challenging unequal access to energy sources helps achieve targets for many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that ensure access to sustainable energy for all.
New technology delivers energy at smaller scales and at lower costs in disconnected and remote parts of the world, however, it can be extremely challenging to monitor the effectiveness of these down-scaled energy solutions. FieldSight can help monitor the delivery and implementation of distributed energy projects through key features that help monitor projects at any scale, adapt to user needs, and track progress throughout a project lifecycle. FieldSight has assisted with the monitoring of several green energy initiatives, with a particular focus on solar energy to date. Quantitative data can be collected simply without time-consuming site visits and in-depth qualitative data can be accurately captured for community-driven energy initiatives. Digital data collection and reporting ensures scalability for innovative energy initiatives in order to share learnings beyond communities.

Key Features

Custom Forms:

Customize digitized forms to collect more than 22 kinds of quantitative and qualitative data types, from numerical measurements to text and audio options.


Map energy project sites, increase transparency of project activities, and confirm the veracity of submissions with geo-tagged data.


Visualize project data geographically with maps of all sites and associated data.

Classify and Designate Form Schedule:

Forms can be classified into staged and scheduled forms, allowing surveyors to gather correct data at the correct time during each phase of the energy project lifecycle.

Offline Mobile Data Collection:

Data can be collected offline enabling monitoring of the delivery and implementation of distributed energy projects sites in remote areas.

Dashboard and Reports:

Track progress and key indicators across all projects through system dashboards and custom reports. Iterative analysis can identify key issues and success factors to support learning and program improvements.

Project Life Cycle Monitoring:

Link data across the whole project to enable iterative analysis that can identify key issues and success factors to support learning and program improvements.

Communicate with Teams:

Increase dialogue between field staff and project managers through in-app communication, submission assessments, and the inclusion of support documents.

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FieldSight is a Humanitarian digital platform for project monitoring and infrastructure quality assurance. Developed iteratively over 2 years, the platform now monitors more than 60,000 houses, WASH sites, schools, police stations, and other infrastructure. Built to work on mobile devices and in remote and difficult-to-access locations, FieldSight creates actionable data and interfaces that help partners deliver higher-quality, lower-risk projects.