Scarce, low quality, unaffordable housing is a symptom of a global housing crisis experienced in global centers as well as in rural areas. This crisis is especially challenging to tackle in areas of the world where housing trend data is generally less available and where certain populations are marginalized and have a smaller public voice. Despite the relative lack of data, it is still clear from a recent City Lab report that “millions of people live in unsafe, substandard housing lacking electricity, running water, or basic sanitation.”
To address this challenge and build at scale, high-quality monitoring must be used. As the first digital platform built for infrastructure and project monitoring in the Humanitarian and development sector, FieldSight is a leader in improving the quality and resilience of homes across the globe. The platform has been used to monitor the reconstruction of tens of thousands of disaster-affected homes and is seen as a viable tool for large-scale housing projects in many developing and middle-income countries. FieldSight’s ability to monitor and track progress throughout a project lifecycle allows for full monitoring of construction projects. Comprehensive construction monitoring is more manageable with FieldSight ’s staged forms feature, progress monitoring capacities, and quality assurance checks that help ensure compliance with local and global standards.

Key Features

Classify and Designate Form Schedule:

Forms can be classified into staged and scheduled forms, allowing surveyors to gather correct data at the correct time during each phase of construction.

Offline Mobile Data Collection:

Data can be collected offline enabling monitoring of public building construction projects in remote areas.

Assign User Roles:

FieldSight differentiates access to data by assigning user-specific roles in public building projects to ensure the correct team members are engaged in collecting, reviewing, and analyzing data.


Map construction sites, increase transparency of project activities, and confirm the veracity of submissions with geo-tagged data.

Communicate with Teams and Assess Submissions:

Improve communication between headquarters and field teams with features to assess and comment on submissions, share manuals and guidance documents, and upload site plans and documents. This helps ensure construction progresses with the highest quality standards and oversight.

Custom Forms:

Customize digitized forms to collect more than 22 kinds of quantitative and qualitative data types, from numerical measurements to text and audio options.

Progress Report:

Project progress can be tracked through system-generated reports that provide accurate data in an easily readable format so managers can make informed decisions about construction processes.

Custom Reporting:

Export custom data reports with filters for specific dates, regions, site types, data, and forms to track and maintain accountability throughout the project lifecycle.

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FieldSight is a Humanitarian digital platform for project monitoring and infrastructure quality assurance. Developed iteratively over 2 years, the platform now monitors more than 60,000 houses, WASH sites, schools, police stations, and other infrastructure. Built to work on mobile devices and in remote and difficult-to-access locations, FieldSight creates actionable data and interfaces that help partners deliver higher-quality, lower-risk projects.